Conveyor Construction

PVB provided all labor, management, tools and equipment, to construct the overland and mobile conveyors for FMI Safford Operations. The work included construction of a 60’ head extension including transfer tower for an existing conveyor (60” x 7400’), construction of a new 60” x 6463’ Overland Transfer Conveyor including Transfer Tower and E-room (480V MCC), a new Overland Tripper Conveyor and E-room (4160V MCC) (60” x 7562’).

Construction also included a Mobile Tripper (60”), a Ramp Super Portable (72” x250’), a Horizontal Feed (72” x 130’), a Horizontal (72” x 285’), and a Radial Stacker (72” x 190/220). The radial stacker and horizontal conveyors are attached together by a slider assembly that allows the horizontal to move and rotate as it stacks material and walks down a leach cell.



Safford, Arizona


  • Civil/Concrete
  • Construction
  • Electrical and Instrumentation
  • Structural Steel
  • In-House Fabrication


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