Shannon Infrastructure Relocation

PVB provided the necessary labor, materials, and equipment required to construct the 5180 raffinate booster station, the UCC/SRC raffinate booster station, and to relocate the mine water system.

The scope consisted of civil and earth work totaling 34,847 cubic yards of excavation and 48,873 cubic yards of backfilled  material. Welding and installation of 81,222 lineal feet of 24” medium bore and 30” large bore, stainless steel, carbon steel, and HDPE pipe across multiple corridors with complex terrain changes, slope installation, and road crossings. Construction of 4 pump stations for the raffinate and mine water systems using 3,542 cubic yards of concrete and 7,200 cubic yards of flowable fill for the foundations. Installation of 16 vertical pumps and 4 horizontal pumps, ranging from 300hp-1,250hp. Provided commissioning and start up to bring the newly constructed systems online safely, and efficiently.



Morenci, Arizona



  • Earth Work
  • Civil/Concrete
  • Construction
  • Structural Steel
  • Piping
  • Electrical and Instrumentation


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